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almost 5 years ago

Did you know?! Fun Hack Fact Friday

Did you know?! Set Up Your VUI to Support Your Fire TV Cube GUI

As with any multimodal skill, you can choose what interfaces—voice user interfaces (VUI) or graphical user interfaces (GUI)—you can support. Regardless of the interface, you want to assure you are delivering an experience that can be handled on any device.

Developing an Alexa skill with a TV could easily be interpreted as creating a skill that more heavily relies on visuals, thus making them necessary for a standout skill. This is not the case for voice-first experiences: If you do not incorporate screens into your custom skill, Fire TV Cube will display the cards you provide for the Alexa app.

To add displays as a supported interface into your Alexa skill, you need to edit your skill’s manifest. There are two easy ways to do this—programmatically or through the Alexa Developer Console.

Read more about setting up your VUI to support your Fire TV and see examples here.


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