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Prize is much less than announced for non-US participant


I received a form to fill and firm in order to receive my prizes, but it seems like it does not fit the challenge rules: as I submitted a new skill, and as I'm not US resident, looking at the rules I should receive 80$ (=fire TV stick) + 50$ (=echo dot 3rd Gen), while the form which I should firm says that I'm agree to receive a prize of 80$ for the bundle of the fire TV and echo:

"As stated, I understand that the prize to be awarded is a $_0_ cash prize (subject to the terms and conditions in the Official Rules) (collectively, the “Prize”). Approximate retail value of the Prize is $_​80_​__.

Eligible participants who are at least 18 years old and live in the United States will receive a code valued at $80 USD good for the purchase of a New Echo Dot (3rd Gen ) + Fire TV Stick 4K bundle. Eligible participants who live in countries other than those listed above and minors in the US and Canada will receive an electronic gift card of equal value. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery."

I think there is an error... I don't want to firm a document that reduce drastically the price initially announced 130$. Am I the only one in this case ?


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    Hi Guillaume!

    Thanks for your note! I think you may have the pricing wrong. There is a specific bundle which includes a Fire TV Stick 4k + 3rd gen Echo Dot fo $79.98 (https://www.amazon.com/Fire-TV-Stick-4K-bundle-with-Fire-TV-Recast-DVR-and-an-HD-antenna/dp/B07H3SLHLR?th=1)

    The Fire TV Stick 4k by itself isn't valued at $80. I hope that clears it up!


    P.S. We saw you emailed and can help you out through that thread if you have more questions.

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    Hi Stephanie,

    The rules were not speaking about a bundle but about two prizes:

    "Fire TV (Approximate retail value: USD$80.00) for participants in the US or a prize of equivalent value for participants outside of the US"


    "Echo Dot (Approximate retail value: USD$50.00) for participants in the US or a prize of equivalent value for participants outside of the US"

    Which as supposing "Approximate" total prize of 130$.

    If finally you reduced (temporary) the price in US, it does not impact US participants which will anyway receive the same devices. It's not the case of non US participants which don't have the same store and promotions, or even not the same products.

    I would have said nothing if you said that the price is now down from -10$, but here it's like if you removed half of the prize afterward !

    We all worked hard to win this, it's not fair to change the rules afterward.

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    Hi Stefanie,
    I too agree with Guillaume. In Amazon India store there is no bundle of Firestick + Echo Dot. The total cost of the two individual items is ~ 144 USD in the Amazon India store! The specific bundle is not available in my region and the total cost of Individual items is way above 80 USD.

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    Hi Guillaume,

    I'm Brandon, Devpost CEO. We're very sorry for the confusion; we misunderstood your original email when we replied, but now understand clearly and have reviewed the entire matter closely.

    Here's the situation:

    - The first row in the rules table under section 7, "Prizes," which says you will get a "Fire TV," should instead say "Fire TV bundle." That was the only error in the rules. The price of the Fire TV bundle (which includes both the Fire TV and the echo dot) has been $80 US since the launch of the competition. We never did, nor would we ever, adjust the prize payout amount after a competition launches, based on the current retail value on the Amazon website. We, like you, would be upset if that happened and we assure you it did not.

    - The above is proven true by the two other instances on the site that list the prize as "Fire TV bundle" instead of just "Fire TV": first, on the homepage in the yellow prize box on the right side. That says "bundle" and clearly says, as do the rules, that this is for NEW skills. The second place where the word "bundle" shows is on the prizes tab, also where it clearly says it's for "New skills."

    - If we went strictly by what the rules say, then you would only be entitled to the Fire TV. But we have been paying out the bundle, not the Fire TV. Again, the word 'bundle' was mistakenly left out of that column even though it's clearly stated everywhere else, and the $80 is the retail price for the bundle and has been since the beginning. (As a side note, the Fire TV is priced at closer to $50 alone, which is further assurance that the phrase was intended to include the word "bundle".)

    - Again, we always budget the prizes based on the retail price at the LAUNCH of the competition. So, your concern that your prize may have been lowered due to the retail price lowering is a very valid concern -- one we would share ourselves if we were in your position -- but not accurate in this case.

    Thank you very much for writing us, and we hope this clears things up.

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    Hi Brandon,

    I now understand the error.

    Added to that I note that I read too fast the title of the second line "Participation Prize for EXISTING AND UPDATED skills" which I was thinking to be "Participation Prize for NEW AND UPDATED skills". So it's also my fault... sorry for the aggressive messages. I'm dispointed but I understand I should have read with more attention.


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    Hi Guillaume, no problem at all and thanks for the reply. We apologize for the confusion too. Thanks so much for participating!

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