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On the submission form, the field asking for "the url for demo app, store listing", what can I enter there if my skill is still in review for certification?


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  • Manager   •   almost 5 years ago

    Hi Danie!

    I think you're talking about the first page of the form where it has a space for Try It Now urls. This isn't required on this form because not everyone's skill will be live and certified by the initial deadline. However, when you save page one and go to page two of the form, we ask for your Skill ID, Skill name, and other questions. This is how we track your skill.

    The Try it Now link on the first page is a great spot to link to your skill if it's already live in the skill store. That let's the public find it, too. The first page can be edited after the deadline. Those changes won't show up to the judges, but they would show up in the gallery for the public.

    Hope that helps!

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